Gen 4 – My high mileage ’13 Outback 6MT


Hello to everyone! I’m about to start what I hope will be a fun rewarding ride with my first Subaru.

I would like to share and document my experiences in a hopefully informative and entertaining way for anyone who is interested and for myself to reflect on and refer to along the way

Being new to this particular forum, I’m open to redirection and don’t want to block or bother like the carbon build up on the direct injection FB25D models (… IS IT RIGHT GUYS !!?).

As a naturally impatient, true to form man, I’m actually starting this before I get my high mileage Outback. I have a little money and I’ve signed a huge pile of papers, so -I think- it’s too late for me to back out. IOW I’m comfortable moving forward with the understanding that this may be the start of the shortest journey ever, but the more likely reality is that it’s the first step in a journey of a thousand smiles (very, very unlucky you).

My next post will be a summary of what led me to Subaru and the Outback in particular and my experience researching and purchasing “My High Mileage ’13 Outback 6MT” (TM, the intellectual property tag for when Subaru starts to pay me and me brand TF out of the handle)

I will include a poll at the end of each post

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