Gen 3 – Fog Lights: yellow vs. white?

I guess I’m going against the majority here, but I say white as possible (currently running Diode Dynamics fogs).

My primary concern is avoiding wild game and cattle on 60mph sharp, weaving mountain roads, so I need the most illumination as possible.

I did try yellow fogs first, but it drowned out the colors of anything off the side of the road, so my vigilant watch for deer, cows, etc, was actually heavily inhibited.
Now, the brightest white fogs have made more of a difference for me than my high beams even for spotting deer/cattle along the road but especially off the shoulder.

We only get snow here a few times a year maximum, so if that’s where yellow fogs really “shine” (hehe) then I have no use for them anymore, but everywhere else I’ve lived prior to now (without a Subi tho) it seems they would have benefitted me.


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