2018 OB Limited Intermittant Keyless FOB Issues

Curious if anyone might have any suggestions or has experienced this:

My 2018 OB Limited has the proximity keyless entry/push button start. For the last 1-2 years it seems the functionality of the system seems to be intermittent. Generally the system works, and I’ve never been locked out, but the system frequently does not recognize the keys present to lock/unlock the doors, and then I’ll get messages on the dash saying, “Access Key Battery Low.” Most of the time simply pulling the key out of a pocket or purse solves the issue, but occasionally it takes several tries to get it to work to unlock the doors, and even pressing the buttons on the FOB don’t always work.

I’ve tried several things. I’ve replaced the battery on the FOB. Replacing the battery seems to resolve the issue for a bit, but it very quickly returns to this state – often within a few days. It seems to have gotten a bit worse over time. A year or so ago a fresh battery might stave off the problem for a couple months – now if I get a couple flawless days I’m lucky. I’ve also tried switching to the spare FOB, also with a fresh battery. Again, this seems to resolve the issue, but then within a few weeks or even days it’s back to being intermittent again.

I have no idea where to even start on remedying the situation. Any suggestions?

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