Gen 3 – 2005 Outback AC issues / engine fans / test mode connectors

Hi all,
My 3rd gen 2005 2.5 Outback has problems with the AC. When the AC button is on, it only blows hot air. I checked the AC compressor clutch when the AC button is on, and it’s NOT turning. What could the reason be? I don’t think the gap between the clutch and the compressor is too big.

In addition I can add, that non of the engine/radiator fans spin when the AC button is pressed. And honestly I’m not sure if any of the fans ever did come on? I haven’t seen it. But I don’t have troubles with overheating though.

To troubleshoot AC compressor clutch and fans, I located the green test mode connectors. As this is the first time I have done that, it was to my big surprise that the connectors were already connected. As far as I understand this should have impacted the driving negatively, however driving was always smooth. However I couldn’t get the car to perform the test mode when unplugging and connecting the connectors. Why is that? Are the connectors broken? Hence also why the ride hasn’t been affected by them being connected. Furthermore I noticed another set of transparent connectors which weren’t connected. What are those? (See photo).

Appreciate any advice 🙏 thanks

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