Gen 5 – 2016 Outback is dead

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Welp, back in June 2016 I purchase my very first Subaru. The Outback Limited 3.6r carbide grey. I swear, the vehicle had a curse.
On the day I picked it up, supposedly, it had to be pulled off the truck and cleaned up for me… when I saw the car it had a small door ding on the drivers side… ok, no biggie. They fixed it later.

when I got in the car I noticed the windshield has large circles on the inside – it looked like the suction cups the glass companies use to replace and mount the windshield. I asked about that and the dealer played dumb. Oh well, no biggie, I figured this will be my car for years to come.

I had to replace the windshield 5 times from 2016 to current. These windshields SUCK!

a couple weeks ago while driving home my dash lights were going crazy and the car felt like it was losing power. I took it to my mechanic (certified and a pro); and we found that it was misfiring at drivers side. We did the basic troubleshooting (remove the coil over, replace the spark plug etc) and eventually a pressure down test.Determined it was likely and exhaust valve leak.
I went to the dealership to get a second opinion, it was confirmed, the engine will need to be removed and disassembled to determine what the damage is. Most likely need to buy an engine.

why am I writing? Because I’m pretty disappointed. I had the impression that this car would last me for several years and with the way I took care of it, possible 300k miles! Here we are 7 years later and I have a lemon.

165k miles & and I’m now in a horrible position where I will likely have the scrap the car, maybe sell it to a mechanic that wants to invest the time. Who knows… 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

oh, I forgot to mention that at around 80k miles the dealership replaced the transmission under recall!

I’m not sure I’ll buy a Subaru again. Especially after this. This is awful. I feel bamboozled. I realize this is a subaru enthusiast forum but I’m curious, how many others experienced this? Did you replace the engine or had to scrap it & get another car?

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