Gen 3 – 07 OBW Basic 5MT Clutch Master/Slave Upgrades

Lately I’ve been having a bunch of trouble just getting my clutch fixed. In general, over the past year I have replaced it

  • Clutch, flywheel and release bearing which I upgraded to a Stage 1 ClutchMaxPro (may have been a mistake)
  • OEM Clutch Fork (one of the forks on it broke, probably should have upgraded that too)
  • OEM Slave cylinder + hydraulic line
  • OEM master cylinder + hard hydraulic hose (the old hose got a kink in it when I removed the larger hydraulic hose going to the slave)

I have bled this system many times using different methods, which did it barely functional, especially when it’s cold. It turns into hot grinding waste when warm.
This made me suspect the slave and larger hydraulic line again. I took some pictures and this is what I found to be a possible problem, I hope you can see it well enough.

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Anyway, am I right in assuming that this little “bubble” is the cause of my unhappiness? I’m hoping there’s nothing left to replace, unless the clutch fork is bent and/or broken again, or the release bearing sleeve is too worn, maybe the pedal needs an adjustment? or maybe i’m just a complete wimp with delusions of grandeur bleeding herd, who doesn’t know for sure.
A little help would be greatly appreciated and maybe some recommendations for a suitable upgrade for this nonsensical hydraulic hose, because from what I’ve been able to find it’s a pretty common failure item. Thank you in advance.

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