Gen 2 – High speed swing

The new development was noticed during a recent road trip. This car just turned 130k but has been well maintained throughout its life. We have owned it since 11 thousand.

Symptoms are a feeling of (sort of) rocking from side to side most noticeable when accelerating between 60-75 mph. I wouldn’t call it violent, but it is LOT visible. There are no associated sounds. Once it’s over 75mph and cruising it can’t be felt as much, but I can tell it’s still happening by seeing the passenger seat shaking, etc.

I didn’t notice it at the beginning of my first 500 mile leg, but I noticed it more towards the end. Apparently much worse on the 500 mile return leg.

I had the front wheels re-balanced at the midpoint with no improvement. On the return trip I took it to Les Schwab who re-balanced all the wheels and reported them out of balance. They said the axles, tires, wheel bearings and strut mounts were all good. I have no idea if they were stubborn or overly competent.

long story short; very noticeable wobble when accelerating between 60-75 mph, speeds above that mask the problem.

Appreciate any thoughts/insights on where to look and what for.


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