It starts then it dies. 05 outback 2.5, (caloric specification)

Well that was weird. When I got it home I tried it and it did the same thing – start, die, keep revs at 4k but no lower, die if foot off pedal.
I pulled the neg cable and let it sit for 20, reconnected, tried to start and bam- runs fine, no CEL.
Tried it a few more times – starts fine – got CEL on third cycle. Codes recalled: P0134- O2 sensor, bank 1 no signal. Code cleared, restart – CEL goes out but returns after a few run cycles – same P0134 is just code. Took it off the road – runs fine as before.

This thing told itself that it couldn’t work for some reason.
I’ll take it to work tomorrow and see what happens.

FWIW I don’t see traditional upstream O2 sensor failure symptoms like black exhaust, low power, high fuel consumption, so IDK.
However, this is a California emissions car, so maybe all 15 O2 sensors haven’t failed. Still. ;)

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