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Hello to everyone. My ’23 Ascent has been averaging 23 mpg in mixed use. No long highway drives. Another 35 mile drive to the golf course has about 8 traffic lights and several rolling villages. Just short of 9k in odo. We just got back from a round trip from Rochester NY to Cary, NC, including some mountain highways and 4 days in the congested Raleigh – Durham area using my 2018 Outback SO, and it averaged 32 mpg. Hwy speeds were btwn 68 and 75. For those opting for a standard 2.5 182 hp engine or the 260 hp turbo, there is a significant difference in mpg. I did all the driving on the trip, and the OB never lacked power and loved cruising down Hwy. PS She’s so soft on the brakes, she still has the original pads at 57,000 miles and just passed state inspection, BUT she’s getting new pads all next week, just to be on the safe side while the rotors don’t need to be resurfaced.

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