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My car is a 2012 Outback 3.6R, I’m just under 200k miles. I started having hard starting problems when the engine was hot about 6 months ago, given the age and mileage, I started by changing the fuel pump assembly and used a genuine Subaru assembly, mostly I assumed the filter was clogging After that it started a little better but not much, and the fuel gauge went weak, Full was 7/8 full what should have been 1/4 full was empty. I read more and saw that there is a second sender, on inspection there was a lot of slop in the arm so that seemed plausible, I replaced that as well. Now it’s even worse, full is 7/8 full, anything more than 1/2 empty and the point lights up like a christmas tree and the gauge goes to E and that resets when you fill the tank again. I have maintained this car myself since I bought it and everything has been maintained on schedule, I’m assuming something I’m missing is wear, maybe a bad ground, maybe the gauges need to be relearned (almost 200 miles on them) ? I own an Autel MK808, I get code P0463, it will clear and not reset immediately when the tank is at least 3/4 full. Honestly, I hope I can connect with cardok, I’m hidden here, but I don’t have enough posts to message him. I am local and was hoping to find someone competent and honest to pay for some help. I would rather keep the vehicle as I just don’t trust the equipment of newer cars, 2012 is really new to me, I hate technology. I have done a lot with the suspension of the car and it is in very good condition in terms of fluids and everything being maintained. I’m guessing this is something relatively simple I’m missing and likely need rebuilt injectors, maybe my recent spark plug change is related to hard starting when hot, I’ve tried NGK Rutheniums and it’s possible it was a mistake, that was about 15,000 miles ago.

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