Front subframe rusted out at 95k miles

We don’t have that issue down here except from beach driven cars that don’t get washed. Salt and magnesiums eat metals.

I have an 01 VDC that spent it’s first 10 years in Boston before it came to TX and it’s solid. 06 BAJA that spent a lot of it’s life in snow country between CO, ID and ND before TX and it’s solid. An 11 Outback that had 212k miles on it when I sold it last year lived in TX all it’s life and not one bit of rust.

Cleaning the undercarriage also depends on the type of water used. Hard water just adds to a salt problem.

You either do what’s necessary to prevent it, or expect high costs to repair it. With thousands moving from the northeast to here, I see a lot of rust infected cars that require an abundance of repairs to the suspension, framing and body. All brands included. Some are just too far gone to justify putting money in them.

That quote you got is pretty high unless it includes all the parts attached to the front subframe and suspension.

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