The Green Outbacks, get in here!

We ordered a 2.5L Touring in Autumn Green Metallic a few weeks ago (expected in Nov) based upon the photos and videos online….but we saw the color in person today and were disappointed. If full Arizona sunlight when clean, it looked OK. In the shadows when clean, it looked busy. When slightly dusty/dirty, it did not look good. Others obviously love it and we are happy for them. The photos that people posted in this thread are a lot more representative of how it looks in person. Looks like a cross between medium green and gold. I think the full Arizona sunlight really brings out the gold coloration.

We now are in the back of the line since we switched our order to Abyss Blue Pearl.

Get what floats your boat! Im sure you are anxious, but it would stink to look at a car you dont like for years and years.
I like the green, but not with the Onyx wheels…subaru did pick that as their flagship Onyx color though

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