Does a Starlink Fault Flag notify the dealer/Subaru?

Is this warning duplicated at the dealer or Subaru?

If the coding is there, I don’t think it’s being used in the “allow dealer to contact owner/tenant” kind of way yet.

I can say for sure that despite the Starlink error being caused by a variety of concerns (usually TPMS, when the big dummy on the console here failed to reset it properly with his TPMS tool 😅 ), I’ve never received a look from the dealership mine – and we’re on very good terms with them, with 12 (or 14, depending on how you count) Subarus we’ve bought or leased from them since 2005.

Just add some AI and soon we can have a conversation with the car when we get bored……

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My daughter is in Houston right now for the FIRST World Robotics Championship (yes, really “world”, 600+ teams, coming from about 16+ countries). So. A lot. Joke. :ROFLMAO:

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