Tire tread depth measurements at dealerships

It may be that a proper measurement for tread depth is “at least” instead of “almost”, so if you have 7.8/32 it’s technically at least 7/32 but not quite 8/32, so rounding to the whole number makes sense. . For example, if a manufacturer says a tire is unsafe at a tread depth of 2/32, this should be done before it reaches 2/32, not after. So anything under 3/32 can count as 2/32 – does that make sense? 2/32 is a minimum. Given the possible margin of error of plus or minus one 32 inches, this is the only rational way to do it.

If a tire is less that 3/32 may not be considered “safe”. Less that 3/32 can automatically be considered 2/32. and for Discount Tire to treat it as if it’s okay to continue using it for any length of time, could give them liability. So they are wrong about your safety and their legal protection should something untoward happen.

Policies are established and employees are expected to adhere to these policies in accordance with NHSTA recommendations.

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