Dealer profit: car in current condition vs ordering a car for me

Hello to everyone,
I don’t know if anyone knows the answer to this question or has any definitive information, but I thought I’d ask in hopes of getting some information:

I’m trying to determine if a dealer would be more inclined to sell me my car off the lot or order me one to my exact specs.

The reason I ask is that it seems most of the Outbacks I’m interested in have some added accessories that I haven’t gotten into (model, LED upgrade, all weather mats)…most can be removed at least in theory ( for me ), and others are more complicated (bumper guard).

My general tendency is to buy a car without any extra accessories and add the ones I really want myself (I did this with my previous subaru). it also saved me some money because I could order the parts invoice at the time of ordering, or just buy the parts online afterwards for significant savings.

thanks for any knowledge / experience / speculation / etc.

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