History from the finance office

Reading an old thread that was recently updated got me thinking about this…

I bought the Ascent but was waiting for Subaru/Chase approval (it was 0% so I didn’t bother shopping).

Go to the finance office to complete the paperwork and then wait for the loan approval. I received the following at the office and over the next two days:

  • “Here’s your monthly price if you have the extended warranty.” Mind you, I didn’t ask for an extended warranty, but the paperwork had it included. The quick mental calculations totaled over $4,000. Said no, and kept waiting as the finance person had to process the actual purchase price paperwork.
  • I went home without the new car/documents signed but the documents were ready as there was a security issue with the loan. You get a call from the same financier saying that you have to return the car, that you are driving it illegally. I asked him, do you mean my old car that I didn’t buy from you/the documents for the new car that I haven’t signed yet? Somehow, without signing any documents, the finance person thought I took the new car home.

So working out the price of the vehicle is just one step of the two-step process that dealers use to maximize their profits, where the finance office is more important than ever to them. What is your story?

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