Contradictory Dealer Service Departments – CVT Fluid

I’ve been chugging along following my local dealer’s service recommendations for my 2021 Outback Touring XT since I bought it new just about 3 years ago. This included the dealer’s stance that CVT fluid didn’t need to be changed yet at ~38k miles last time it was in. They insisted it’s a “lifetime” fluid but also mentioned it could be changed if I insisted at about 60k miles, which I had planned to do.

I recently moved about an hour away and this morning brought the car in to my new local dealership for an oil change / tire rotation at ~43k miles. While there the service advisor told me I am overdue for the CVT fluid change, which she says should’ve been done at 30k miles. She told me I needed a drain and fill of that fluid for about ~$400. That plus the $350 throttle body cleaning they recommended before even seeing the car had me suspicious of the advisor and I only agreed to the oil change.

I am not opposed to changing the fluid if it’ll help the car get to 100k miles but the every 30k struck me as unnecessarily frequent. I don’t tow, but I also do take frequent drives around town of under 10 mins if that makes a difference, and I’m in central NJ. I’m curious what you all think, am I making a mistake waiting until 60k miles to change the CVT fluid? Is it truly lifetime? Or is the SA right and I’m overdue? I’m just super frustrated that as someone who’s not going to do his own maintenance and isn’t super cost conscious I wish I could just go to the dealer for service, pay the money, and trust the car is being well looked after and I’m not being completely ripped off. With two dealerships 16 miles apart offering such wildly different recommendations (never versus every 30k miles) I don’t know what to think anymore.

I know opinions vary on this, curious what the current wisdom of the forum is? Thanks!

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