2024 Touring XT Test Drive

I just got a “basically new” 2023 Touring XT, coming from a 2014 Limited, so all the bells and whistles were a LITTLE overwhelming at first. But I quickly got used to them.

At first I thought I’d hate the “car follow” type cruise control but it actually IS quite nice once you get used to it.

So far the ONLY thing that bugs me about the car is the beeping from the distracted driver system. I’d turn that off but I like the automatic seat and mirror adjustment feature that comes along with it.

I don’t drive with the lane assist stuff turned on simply cuz I don’t trust it. Hasn’t given me reason to not trust it, I just don’t trust the concept in general.

There are indeed limited internal storage compartments compared to the 2013/14s.

My prediction is that if you drive the Touring XT, that will be the car you buy. We test drove a plain old limited after the Touring and were like “nope”. The Touring XT drives REALLY nice.

Oh yeah, the wireless charging thing does turn your phone into a 1000 degree hot-pocket that got left in the microwave too long, so there’s that.

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