Brake replacement in ’19 Warning lights that cause

Hey everyone!

We just replaced the pads and swivels on all 4 corners on our 2019 Ascent today. While the job went relatively smoothly, I am now left with the following warning lights on the vehicle: ABS, Traction Control, and BRAKES. PARK also flashes while driving.

I am able to drive the vehicle with no problems except for the christmas tree on the dash. I apply the brakes properly and then parked because of the lights mentioned.

I followed the advice in the previous threads and used an INNOVA 5510 diagnostic tool to put the EPB in and out of maintenance mode for this job. The tool now shows a B0400 error code in the ABS/VDC system, but I have yet to find any documentation on what it is.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Photo of 100k mile rear pads for attention 😂

Gray asphalt rectangle with wooden hood

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