Body Side Molding – Yay or Nay?

love em. Ive had them on all three of my Outbacks. And in LA, where half the parking lots have mostly “compact” spaces, and dings are a matter of when, not if… I like the protection. I literally watched someone let a shopping cart roll straight into the side of my car as I was walking towards it. It hit the bumper and didnt leave a mark.
But I honestly like the way they look. I like how they break up the door. I hated how the Outback started looking so plain (yawn) after they stopped the 2 tone scheme, and started looking like tons of other cars with the very plain doors and less cladding and more rounded crossover look. These at least give it some uniqueness.

These are really easy to put on if you follow the instructions, with the template it gives you.

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