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I’m not sure if they can do it if the sensor hasn’t been already added. I thought the relearn was just for the position. Hope I’m wrong. Even if not, it isn’t hard to do the relearn procedure via ODB.


How would people do 5 tire rotations and not have to do anything with the tpms system if that was the case? It only stores 4 sensors in the ecu at a time according to the Autel and Subaru but it can relearn automatically with the new sensor from the spare when rotated in according to some people on the forums. I will be testing this in the future as well.

Like mentioned though if I find new information I will post it here but this is what I found so far. There could be differences with my 2024 for all I know as autel only goes up to 2023 in the supported list. It worked fine for clearing the codes and doing an OBD relearn though.

I had a Kia Stinger with a set of winter wheels that had sensors and I never had to touch the tpms system as it would just auto relearn when I swapped them in.

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