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Hello to the group mind! First post here. I’ve searched a long time on this problem, so decided to post. I’m working on a 2002 outback, 2.5 engine, LHD, with manual A/C. Car is new to me, and I’ve already found a different wiring issue somewhere in the harness, so it could be a factor. The A/C compressor does not kick on, unless I apply 12v directly to the compressor wire (which has been cut by a previous owner). I’ve tested all the obvious things: Coolant charge, a/c relay, pressure sensor, even thermistor. The other night, I put a circuit tester on the bare wire going to the compressor, and it immediately kicked on like it was supposed to. The tester bulb didn’t light up though. I’ve already tried directly grounding the compressor with a jumper cable to negative battery, to no effect. Any thoughts on this?

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