Am I Having a Problem or Not With My Factory Nav




I’m one of the few who seem to like using the factory nav system. Unless I’m crazy, I think I’m having an issue so maybe someone can clarify for me.

I’ve got a 22 Touring. While using the factory nav that was navigating, my wife plugged in her Android phone. She then fired up Google maps to check if there was any traffic jam info and routed that to our destination. At that point, the route on the factory unit cancelled itself. I was able to reproduce this reliably. I swear this did not happen before, I could use the factory nav and also have an Android connected that my wife had Google maps routing at the same time. Is this the right behavior or am I crazy?

UPDATE: I’ve checked again. Simply opening up Google Maps or Waze without navigating anywhere cancels the route on the factory nav, that seems like an issue to me.

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