All electronic assist stopped working, check engine light

2021 ascent 69,000 miles. When pulling into a parking lot, all sorts of warnings went off and the check engine light came on. Eye sight, avh, emergency brake, cruise control, vehicle dynamic control, etc all stopped working. I’ve got a code reader coming over today but thought maybe you all would have a few obvious places to start looking into. I did not notice anything in particular change or be different prior to this happening. A short time before it happened (less that 100 miles) the recall was repaired for the bolts, so I dont think that was it.

The car is just out of warranty. Our son is graduating marine corps boot camp and the money we’ve got is to go to his graduation so I am trying to spend the least amount of cash as humanly possible to work through this diagnostic portion. Our dealership isn’t too far away but trying to pinch pennies so we can see his graduation.

Thanks for helping this mama out!

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