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Haven’t gotten the final word from the insurance company yet, but my 2013 2.5 is probably totaled.

So, what next?

In under 110k miles I replaced the transmission (SoA helped with that), rear struts, catalytic converter (warranty), electronic parking brake controller (warranty), rear struts, rear wheel bearings, and probably a few other things. So it wasn’t cheap to maintain.

On the plus side, I was able to use it for towing a small UHaul whenever necessary.

So, what next? Another Outback or something else? Looking for ideas for an Outback-sized SUV that can tow around 3000lb maxknowing that the most I will probably ever tow is 2000lb.

I’m also preparing myself for sticker shock.

I’m trying to find non-Subaru ideas, so I can do my due diligence. There’s always another Outback waiting for me.

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