Air filter and cabin filter

My answer was about the CAF, but let me answer the engine air filter.

I used Napa here as well and changed it every year. About $15, but about 3 years ago I went with the aFe Dry S synthetic filter.

It’s a pricey SOB at about $60, but it’s a filter you clean every couple of years with Simple Green and a hose, let it dry, and you’ll be GTG for a few more years. It’s overbuilt and will outlast the car, but maybe not Keith Richards. Based on the cost benefit of $15 vs $60, I’ll make the money back down the road, but I didn’t do it for the savings, just ‘cuz.

The ultimate question is whether these non-OEM filters are a compromise and result in increased engine wear and I can report that they are not, at least not in my car. I did UOA for a long time with all these filters and the silicon was never a high reading and was always below universal engine wear. I have posted them before in the forum.

The aftermarket air filter that makes men fight is K&N. Some say that if it gets too oily it covers the MAF and leads to decreased engine performance and is somewhat porous, at least compared to other filters. I am using one in another commuter vehicle and the recent UOA has not increased wear or problems. Has been in the car (cleaned every 3 or so years) for 17 years and shows no signs of performance compromise. You just can’t oil it and most people say, “this is the red oil elixir that will make the motoring gods love me” and they then proceed to put too much oil on and it looks like a teenage face. You might think, but just don’t.

Bottom line for me: I like the aFe, but if you don’t want to spend the money for better filtration, the Napa Gold will serve you well, along with the OEM.

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