Has anyone installed Remote Start (H001SXC001) themselves?

I am currently in the process of purchasing a used 2019 Subaru Ascent Touring. I came across this page when researching the different remote start methods for this vehicle. I currently own a 2019 WRX (no remote start) and a 2019 Crosstrek Limited w. Starlink Remote Start. I am quite familiar with the MySubaru method of using Starlink Subscription for remote start. I even had an iPhone shortcut working for a while to start the Crosstrek by navigating to mysubaru.com and an ID# with the default username/pswd combination. Subaru must have changed something with the website because this no longer works. I say all this to show that I have a good experience with remote start.

My question on this topic is: Can you make the remote start module yourself and not take it to the dealer for the FOB pair and use the two FOBs that come with your vehicle? Those that lock/unlock and open the lid. (3 clicks of lock button with 3rd click held to initiate remote start)

Based on what I’ve read in other threads, it looks like you can use already paired FOBs without pairing the single purpose remote start FOB that comes with the module. This is my understanding when reading that thread.

On another note I also read that you can do this for free if you play dumb and say it doesn’t work when you put it in for your next oil change. It may sound dishonest, but $300 seems like chump change. Personally, if I can DIY the module to install and use the FOBs that come with the vehicle when cell reception is poor, I’d be happy.

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