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I have 2 fobs, both with good batteries and neither works.

I have had it towed to the dealer and will follow up with whatever they find. Also, I will monitor this thread to answer questions in hopes it will help someone else.

There are two issues. First, something is draining our battery to cause it to go dead. Advanced Auto tested the battery and said it was good, but after a day or two the voltage drops too low to start the engine. Second, after I took the battery out and charged it (being extra careful not to ground the positive terminal) I found that my access keys would not work. I got the message “Access Key Not Detected” when depressing the brake and start button. When I held the brake and pressed the start button with the key, I got the message “Access Key Disabled.” The key fob is good – battery is fine and a second key also didn’t work. The keys still opened and closed doors and all indications in the car were that the car battery was otherwise operable (all lights and chimes etc. worked). So, that’s the mystery. What disabled the Access Keys and can anything be done outside of returning the car to the dealer for reprogramming?

Note – I learned that if the access key won’t work the car can’t be put in neutral and the steering wheel remains locked. Nice. Fortunately there is a release button for the transmission under the little rubber mat beneath the touch screen – requires a small screwdriver or rod. That button allows you to move the vehicle or have it towed.

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