Question about the Touring roof rails when moved to the ‘long’ position (it doesn’t latch)

Hey gang, moved the right roof rail to the ‘long’ position (meaning the rearmost location on the right side), and can’t latch it in its stored position. At least not easily, but don’t want to force anything. Looking at the shape of all 3 orifices, noticed the left one is completely round, meaning you can latch the left bar in its stored position, AND the right one in the transverse/deployed position. However, the corresponding orifice to latch the right bar on its stored position, is only round to accomodate latching the right bar in its deployed position, but has flat ends to store the left bar in its stored position, so it doesn’t latch. Maybe I can force it down, but don’t want to break or damage anything. The more forward cavity has the flat spots rotated 90-degrees, so it latches easily when it’s in its ‘short’ (factory default) position. Seems to me I have to choice but to remove the darn thing again, and re-install it in the short (factory) position, so it can latch for ‘storage’. But want to ask the experts if I’m missing something, or can just force it closed. I could ‘Dremel’ that flat spot to round it out, and allow latching the bar in the ‘long’ position, but I don’t feel like messing with that, since it won’t look OEM:geek:.

Finally, when I removed the bolt, it was hard to remove, even though my car is just 2 months old, and noticed some corrosion already. So added a light coat of anti-seize paste to eliminate that. And decided to do the same thing to the left bolt (which has a T25 head, vs T30)… and I was surprised to find a puny bolt, MUCH thinner than the right one. Why the heck do you think that is??? Baffled by that finding. And does anybody know what is the torque needed for those 2 bolts? I marked the left one, to put it in the same position, in case nobody has the proper torque. For the right one I used the ‘torque’ wrench in the tools, but would prefer to use a proper torque wrench, as it seemed to me the that wrench applied less pressure than what I think is needed. And no, I didn’t mark that bolt first, unfortunately. Oh, and the right roof bar has a much bigger hole than the left one, to accommodate the different sized bolts (so they’re different), in case you were wondering. Thanks gang.

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