6th generation of front brakes

I recently replaced the pads on my 2020 Outback and hope to confirm that the pads were installed correctly. There are metal tabs on all four pads and it is not clear how they should be installed. I forgot to look when I took the driver’s side out, but when I switched the passengers, I noticed that the outer block had the tab outside the bracket, while the inner block had the tab inside the bracket. I should point out that these are original pads.

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There are plenty of videos of the brakes being swapped in 2014-2019, but I have yet to come across a 2020+. The problem is that these earlier models seem to have different brake pad fittings and the tabs are meant to go outward. To add to this confusion, later in the video when the new pads are being installed, the technician installs the tab inside the bracket

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I’ve been trying to get creative in finding information on how these are installed and came across an ebay listing for a caliper that shows the tabs are BOTH installed inside the bracket (the image labeled “Outside” is mislabeled). However, it is not clear whether this is original.

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Does anyone know how these should be installed? Is it the case that my pads were installed correctly from the factory and one tab goes out of the bracket and the other goes in?

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