6th Gen – Bypass for phone contact list restriction for smartphones in 2023 desert?

This was based on cellular service. Most of the early machines no longer work because the cellular technology they used has now been shut down.

No it was not. It was satellite in my old Saab. I used to make phone calls via satellite. Also, what Subaru helped me Starlink figure out was that even though my Starlink WAS ACTIVATED by my dealer and I downloaded the My Subaru app to my iPhone, the Starlink WILL NOT work until you use that app to remotely unlock/lock. your vehicle or turn it on via the app. After doing that I tried hitting the Starlink blue and red SOS buttons and it worked. Very strange.
I still think that not being able to use the keyboard or manually access your contacts is actually a security risk. When I call my dealer and get a recording to select “1” for sales, “2” for parts, “3” for service, I can’t verbalize that command, so if I’m on a freeway with no real shoulder pull over , I can’t complete the call. Totally impractical. It’s annoying because Subaru is saying, “Hey, you can take your eyes off the road to turn on the heater controls, radio stations, app buttons, etc…but it won’t let you press the keyboard or use your phone contacts the same way.WTF?

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