4th Generation – 2014 Outback Premium

So I’ve been here for years and now own the Outback family for 7 of those years and for some reason I’ve never started a thread on it and have always only posted on generic pictures or threads of what you’ve done. I decided it’s time to make my own. We bought this 7 years ago used with about 30,000 miles. It’s mostly stock left, but it sure has taken our family on so many adventures. I brought both of our kids home from the hospital in this car and it has traveled to Colorado, the Outer Banks, around Lake Michigan, and into northwestern Wisconsin, right from Minnesota. We often take him to Michigan and one day he will go to the sand dunes there for some reason we never make time on our trips to take them to just walk them which is still a sight to behold wonderful and very entertaining. This car has had mostly routine maintenance that I have done myself. Has 2 sets of tires so far new front and rear brakes 1 new wheel bearing and recently finally changed the spark plugs at 144,000 miles. Otherwise I had the dealer do a trans drain and fill and front end change along with a coolant at 120,000. We love this car and how safe it is and how we never worry about not being able to get somewhere when we are in it. This thread will be our adventures as well as the maintenance we do on the car, so I’ll start with the old plugs I just replaced. I don’t think they look too bad considering the mileage. However, I have to say that I got better MPG on the first tank of gas since the change, so you can tell they were at the end of their life.

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