’21 Outback Limited XT Battery

The issue is that these batteries are EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery). They actually are in-between a regular battery and the AGM Battery. Mine has lasted over 3 years in my Limited, but always DRAGGED on the Auto/Stop/Start. I went with an Interstate AGM H5 battery that has more CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) than the stock or replacement batteries. The Battery cost me $200 something but there is a $15 core charge I get back. I think the rack price was $169.99.

You need a memory saver system to hook into your OBDII port to keep your setting live in the car for like the seats and the radio pre-sets. These can be had for less than $30 and nowadays is probably a needed thing in your tool box. I hooked this up to my Jump Starter Pack for the 12 volts needed to run it.

The install too less than 10 minuets to include me cleaning things like the plastic battery tray, waxing under the tray, cleaning the battery terminals as well as the cable to the battery. One of the easiest battery installs I’VE DONE AND I HAVE DONE MANY.

Driving the Subi today the Start Stop system worked better than it ever has, but I still turn it off because I don’t like the wear and tear on the charging system and starter.

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