2023 with subtle vibrations starting at 70 mph

Good time of day. My 2023 Limited with 1800 miles is a great vehicle all around. I like how it rides, but one thing keeps us from being happy – we are on highways all the time, and up to 70 MPH the climb is very smooth, but come 70 MPH very subtle vibrations are felt throughout the cabin and they take slightly more pronounced when speed increases up to 85 MPH. At 500 miles the dealer re-balanced the wheels even though they found none, at 1100 miles I had taken to Discount Tire and they put all 4 wheels on Hunter’s road balancer and found nothing.

I suspect it could be the main drive shafts or CV shafts that are out of balance. My dealer is great but they have to be able to reproduce it to start the warranty work. In our state they cannot go over 65 MPH during the drive test. That’s how I got caught in this predicament. I appreciate any thoughts or advice, including what specialty shops can help me with if a dealer can’t reproduce.

Thank you!

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