Broken rear window motor replacement procedure

here’s a photo of a gen5 rear window regulator… the control board is inside the plastic assembly, near the electrical connector. This flat is not something easy to change. The motor itself is the metal piece sticking out to the right in this photo. The link is there at the top. Somewhere between that and the motor shaft will be the small circuit board.

pics from ebays (side note: this is a left rear regulator, used, and $30 with free shipping… not mine and don’t know the seller, but if it works…)

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The motor can be removed and removed, but the rest of the housing is part of the rest of it, and that’s where the controller is located… probably right under the raised part number.

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Subaru Impreza (2017) one that is partially disassembled….the plastic housing is different but you can see how it is attached inside. The relationship of the pulse sensor and the electric motor would also make it difficult to separate and swap parts around.

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