2016 Outback High-Pitched Screech at ~45 MPH, no luck with dealer

Hi all, hoping for some guidance on an issue we’re having with our 2016 Outback 3.6R.

The car was purchased in Feb of this year with 102k miles. All service had been done at the dealership and there were no obvious issues.

Within a couple of months, we became aware that the car was having an issue where it would ‘shudder’ in turns. It almost felt like a loss of power, and was worse with sharper turns. I’m not talking super-tight parking lot nav — this was happening on normal 90 degree angles at T intersections.

We brought the car to the dealership and they diagnosed it with needing new transfer clutches. Being a $1,600 repair, we had a small third party shop check the car out and they confirmed the issue. We went ahead with the work last week.

Here’s the issue and reason for my post. While the binding/shuddering in the turns is improved (there’s still more resistance in the steering wheel than I would expect), the car is now making a high-pitched screech sound at what I think is the shift from 4th to 5th gears. I notice it when it revs into the shift and during the shift downward, but it doesn’t happen every time. It’s worse when the shift is… prolonged? As in, going past the shift point but with deceleration at that moment. The sound is like “REEEEEENN” — try to imitate a power drill but start with an “R”. It reminds me of a circ saw.

I told the dealer and their solution was to relearn the CVT, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. They weren’t able to replicate the issue so I’m feeling SOL (and frustrated given that we just spent $1,600 on an attempted fix).

I’d appreciate any ideas on what the problem might be and suggestions on path forward. Thank you.

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