Gen 4 – Gen 4: Part Name/No. : Plastic/Cloth Shield Under Front Seats

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Unfortunately the search terms for this part tend to be generic enough to produce results for obvious searches results, so I apologize if this is in the forums.

At the back and under my front driver and passenger seat is a wooly fabric coated plastic piece that separates the backseat foot well with the front seat wires and hardware.

The piece attaches with two elastic bands to the front underside of the seats and then has small holes that attached under the plastic trim on the seats.

My kids have put their feet on it enough to rip the small holes and it now sits on the floor beneath the front seat. There are small cubes of foam attached to the inside of this piece to keep it rounded in position.

It is some sort of protective shield to keep the back seat passenger’s feet from getting tangled in the front seat wires and hardware.

Does anyone know what this piece is called or what the part number might be? Do you know if it is sold separately or if it is part of the seat upholstery package?

The pic below shows the busted piece on the right, and the good piece on the left (which of course you cannot see because it just does its job of connecting under the plastic and right on under the front driver seat.

Many thanks!
2013 Subaru Outback, 2.5i Wagon

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