2012 OB diesel throttle butterfly staying open

G’day guys and girls,
Im hoping that another Outbackers / subarure will shed some light on my delima.
I recently bought a 2012 OB diesel that won’t run when the engine is cold unless I keep the rollers up (but their engine is warned runs and runs normally – also no check engine light), being a diesel and age I decided to remove and clean the intake manifold, EGR valve, TPS sensor and throttle body. It did not disappoint all the ingredients removed was covered in thick soot, it looked like it had never been cleaned before.
I also removed the battery terminals to reset the ecu.
When I removed and cleaned the throttle body I noticed the butterfly was stuck open, I’ve now looked through countless youtube videos but unfortunately there wasn’t much on the OB diesel throttle body although I noticed in all of them when the throttle body was removed they were all in a closed position. Am I correct in saying that the throttle body is faulty?
Waiting for new gaskets so I can reinstall everything and run a relearn procedure.
I’ve ordered an Xtool scan tool for better future diagnostics, as well as some multimeter probes and leads to test related parts.
I’m open to ideas and anything.
Manny thanks in advance.

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