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My thoughts are based on 2 spark plug replacements (one for a ’15 OB 2.5 and another for a ’16 OB 2.5) both at around 60K or so – both times, I had SoA certificates or a discount coupon so I did it up front to expire. However:

1. If I were to go back, I would NOT do spark plugs up to 100K (see this post for my ’15 plugs) – unless you have issues of course
2. Still doing other 60k service stuff – I do all my juices religiously

As for your question, I paid (with a SoA certificate) $460 for 2.5 / 4 spark plugs in NJ about 2 years ago – first I got a quote of $260 then 2 weeks later they said “oh $460 now “. The hourly rates of some Subie dealers around me are equal to or more expensive than reputable indy Porsche shops…..on the bright side (for us) some Porsche dealers are now over $300 an hour and oil changes are like $4-500…..just because……

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