Windshield replaced – is it OEM?

No, you don’t need OEM glass for calibration, Subaru generally has three different manufacturers for windshield glass and they all work fine. A static calibration in the shop is only the first step, a full calibration involves a 15 minute drive with a computer hooked up to the OBD port making adjustments. The entire calibration process takes 30-45 minutes, not 3 hours like someone above was told. Novus and Safelite can do it all. With a 23, it wouldn’t surprise me if no one has the software yet, so they might only be able to do the static calibration. 22 or earlier the software is definitely out there.

The first windshield replacement on my 20 Outback was with OEM Carlex, the dealer only did a static calibration. My next replacement, after having gone through two Carlex in 6 months, was with Pilkington which has lasted 3 years without issue. At this point Safelite had the software and did the dynamic calibration, lane centering performance was noticeably improved.

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