Wheel bearing – need more diagnostics?

Thank you. I have the means to replace myself

I understand and have been there (20 years ago) done all my work (no garage…just a driveway)
I replaced the drive shaft, drive shaft, steering rack, brakes, wheel bearings…etc. since the 1970s.

Now, I don’t prefer rolling around in a snowbank in 10F temps just to work on my car. Instead, I like the convenience of paying for a RELIABLE tech. do the work while I take my wife out for lunch somewhere.😊

Being retired has its advantages 👴

I am lucky to have a local mom-n-pop shop in my small Vermont town. I trust that they will do the job right and not overcharge me.
Heck, they even welded the exhaust pipes for $20 instead of selling me $200 worth of new muffler parts. :thumbsup:

The only downside is that they are very busy and often 3 weeks out for an appointment. (I’m surprised they haven’t raised their hourly rates 💲)

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