WHAAAAT? No cabin filter? 1999 Legacy Outback?

Hello again Subyland. Have a (new to me) 1999, Gen1 Outback (see pic), the vehicle is one of those which has NO cabin filter. That is an odd option, to not have one, in my opinion. My question is, considering that this is a 1999 model, is the internal “screen” in the fan unit for the heat and AC, likely full of crud from years and years of accumulation? If so, how do you clean it? When I turn on the fan it smells “organic” and makes me go into sneezing and coughing fits. Not good.

Can this fan unit be removed, dissected and cleaned, and if so, how? Can it be replaced with a unit that uses a cabin filter? That would be optimal. Your experience and knowledge appreciated.

Suggestions? Many thanks.

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