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A note about our website www.Scoobymods.com DIY / Mod. You will see me and others posting links to ScoobyMods from time to time. For those not familiar with the site, it’s a place for all Subaru owners to look for things like Mods, DIY service, TSBs and Subaru specifics. I try to keep it as up to date as possible. If I see something good here, I will most likely ask you if I can add it to our site. I will always ask first and give you credit. So far the DIYs here have been great. If you are so inclined and would be kind enough, put a similar page on our site in the Contributions section:


There you will be able to upload your photos and enter text. That way not only the people on this site but others would benefit from your efforts. We receive a fair amount of traffic from all over the world.

It’s free to use (we accept monetary contributions though the mod) but to view and post on most of the site you’ll need to register. We don’t do anything with your email address, but we do need to check who posts what kind of information. There are only two places registered users can post on our site. Q&A and Contributions section. I encourage everyone to post mods, info. and photos in the contributions section :) We will move it to the appropriate section of the site for you.

What ScoobyMods is, is a place for people to learn and share mods and information, that’s all. What it isn’t is a place like this forum where you can show off your car, post off topic and sell and buy stuff. We never intended it to replace a forum specific to Subaru vehicles.

The thing about Subarus is, for the most part, dealing with things are common across the line. Outback braking is very similar to that on Impezas and Foresters. So while you will find a section for Legacy / Outback Mods; be sure to do a Sitewide Search because what you’re looking for may be elsewhere. Always check the FAQ section as well. I post common issues and questions there.

We do our best to provide accurate information, but nobody is perfect. If you see something that you believe is incorrect, please email one of the moderators. If you have something to add to a thread, let us know that too.

Thanks for listening,


ScoobyMods team member

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