WEBOOST external antenna cable routing?

Hello folks. I recently have been installing the above signal booster and have been thinking of ways to best route the cable through the interior to the actual device.

I used a dedicated cable gland to route the cable from the outside to the interior and as of now it’s just coming down through the headliner. I’m trying to decide if I should route it overhead and come down the B pillar and under the passenger seat (to the Weboost box) or bring it down the C pillar, along the passenger floor and under the front passenger seat.

Mainly I’m looking for the least amount of headache inducing interior trim removal while still keeping the cable hidden and away from damage.

If anyone has any tips I’d greatly appreciate it.

Just to add:

I recently upgraded my Thule crossbars to a Prinsu rack because I needed more modularity so I was able to utilize one of the unused factory roof holes used in mounting the OEM roof rails as a location for the cable gland.

Thanks again.

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