Waze does not allow keyboard input even when parked

I’ll have to revisit using Waze on the screen and on the iPhone.

I never liked Waze on the center screen because some of the actions on the phone were limited, even for a passenger. But at least it allowed passenger/navigator control from the phone.

Overall, though, my recent experiences with Waze on the iPhone have been rapidly deteriorating. Changes to the phone’s UI have made actually using it, even as a floating passenger holding the phone an exercise in frustration. Just turning it off now takes a lot of menu steps and levels and a very difficult swipe. Great if you have a large phone, but difficult with smaller iPhones.

Additionally, it appears that Waze no longer adapts on the fly due to a sudden driver-initiated lane change when avoiding new accidents or construction. Instead of just re-directing and recalculating like it used to, it will constantly nag to do a Back turn, etc. to sit in traffic. For me the crowd source and dynamic re-direction were its strong points, but now it’s more of the same, like constant roadkill warnings about a dead raccoon far from the platform. I’ve mostly gone to Apple’s default maps due to changes in Waze’s user interface and less flexible routing.

I hope this is all wrong and I’m just missing something, as Waze was my VERY favorite GO TO navigation app because of the dynamic routing that allows for changes on the fly.

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