To the Do I Need Brake Pads OP

Please try and answer the OP’s questions, especially for newbies to DIY. This is a great place for help, but too many threads turn into 30 posts with nothing to do with the original question. Having said that…There is an inspection hole in the top of the caliper, try and get your phone over that and snap a pic. You can also buy a cheap extension mirror at parts stores or Harbor Freight. You need not break the bank for the fanciest jack or jack stands, 1.5 ton is fine. Unless your other car is a Winnebago. ( insert radnaak joke) I wrenched for a living a long time, once the pad is worn to the thickness of the backing plate, it’s time to start saving your pennies, half the thickness of the backing plate it’s ASAP. hth You do need a floor jack and jack stands, and with Subaru high ground clearance I always used a 4×4 block ( dumpster find ) between the jack and car. The oe jack is for changing a flat. Never ever jack up a car and have any part of you body under the car without the weight of the car on a jack stand. This guy didn’t use a jack stand, FF to 0:55

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