Take it with a smile. What did you pay for gold plus?

So to make it not simple – ours is actually gold plus coverage on a pre-owned Subaru – the Certified Pre-Owned Gold Plus Warranty, so it can be a whole different animal.

But to get the ball rolling — the financier told us the price was $1,995. We countered with $1,000. We got it for $1250. We have no idea if it was a good deal or not and I knew we could wait and call Luke, but it was too late and we were about done. That sounds like the auto-buy equivalent of Hold My Beer, right? “So late, so tired, I just went ahead and said yes and signed.” LOL

$100 deductible, 7 years; 100,000 miles.

But let’s see what numbers different people have paid, if this is okay with the management.

If you do a lot of road trips, the gold plus seems to be very useful. Otherwise, you should consider whether the $1,250 Classic warranty is worth it or not.

Free Basic Warranty: For approximately the first three years, Subaru covers your car bumper-to-bumper
Free Limited Power: For roughly the first five years, Subaru covers your engine and trunk

In terms of motor cover, you are only paying for two years. However, the gold plus covers the ancillary components that the limited engine does not offer, and of course other benefits.

Another way to look at what you’re paying is that you’re betting you’ll keep the car for 5+ years, while the dealer is betting you won’t.

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