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I’ve decided to do the speaker upgrade and am going with Infinity Reference speakers. These speakers have external crossovers which means addtional wiring, and since I don’t have much free time lately I’m doing the installation in stages as I have time. Today I spliced the tweeter wiring and routed it through the dash in preparation for running it to the doors where the crossovers will be mounted. I prefer to solder connections rather than use a bunch of connectors, but this means that once I decided to run the wires the tweeters needed to be mounted. I’ve seen pics on this forum of the factory speakers, and comments about how ridiculous they are, but when you actually take them out and look at them its almost hard to believe they even go to the trouble to install them. Since the new tweeters are now mounted but not connected, I’m using the system without tweeters and it’s difficult to even detect a difference. As a matter of fact, it seems to almost sound better at times! I’ll comment again when the installation is complete, but it might be a while at the rate I’m going.

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