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I backed out of the garage without paying attention and smashed the passenger side mirror on the side of the garage entrance. I have a 2021 Outback Premium. The damage consists of many broken plastic parts, the bezel around the front of the mirror, some of the interior plastic behind the mirror; the front facing parts like the colored shell, the chrome colored part and the black trim appear to be intact. Turn signal appears to not work (but structurally intact), mirror is good, mirror works well with controls. It looks like it should be a fairly easy job to fix, but I’m very confused by the Subaru parts diagram when trying to order replacement parts. I can’t tell exactly what parts I need and they charge such a high restocking fee for returns (plus higher shipping) if I order more than I actually need. I attached pics of the damage, some parts are glued together for now Any guidance on what to order would be greatly appreciated!

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