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Cool trailer! Looks like gobs of storage capacity. And you can drive away from camp without packing up – love it.

Mine is a Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. Rainier, 72″x48″ stowed, 72″x96″ mattress, plus covered ladder area. Ample space for two of us. Need to add a trailer for more than two.

160lbs, winch-hoisted and stored (but on top of the Ascent pretty much year-round). Old style Thule load bars and feet. The Ascent barely notices the weight; I don’t sense any extra leaning, but I imagine there is some if turning aggressively. Highway gas mileage does get nailed however.

I have not tried the zip-on annex, as it kind of violates my personal purpose for a roof top tent (nothing touching the ground, no hosing off the floor mat of scorpions). But it would add some space, maybe for an extra cot under the ladder.


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